Welcome to the site. Here you can find information, updates and news about GAVIN MARWICK and the various musical projects he’s involved in; a gig diary for shows and events; some of the tunes he’s written; information about recordings; a shop for music and CDs - there’ll be something here to catch your attention or answer a query. For more information/ bookings etc please get in touch, and we’ll see you somewhere there’s a good tune on the go!

If you've been touched by my music and would like to support me by buying me a coffee, here's a link to do so: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/gavinmarwick

Gavin Marwick is a fiddle player and composer. He has performed at concerts, theatres, festivals and dances all around the world in numerous bands including Firelight Trio, Journeyman, Cantrip, Bellevue Rendezvous, Iron Horse, Up in the Air and Ceilidh Minogue. Theatrical work includes The Village and The Road (The Galloway Agreement with Tom Pow), and The Tailor of Inverness (Dogstar).

He is currently busy with his Creative Scotland funded 'Quarterdays' project. This is his musical response to the lore and cultural history of the old Scots Quarter Days (Candlemas, Whitsun, Lammas and Martinmas), with four EPs of his original compositions. Each EP is recorded in a duo format, with a different musical partner for each one, which gives each Quarterday its own sound and character.

Candlemas with Aaron Jones (cittern),
Whitsun with Wendy Stewart (harp),
Lammas with Ruth Morris (nyckelharpa),
Martinmas with Phil Alexander (accordion/ piano).

The Quarterdays music is inspired by and dedicated to aspects of the lore, ritual, and the cultural history surrounding these special festival days and their function as markers of the annual cycle of the seasons. Fire and holy water, food, saints, farmers, fairies, hopes, prayers and magic all mingle within the hiring fairs and the healing wells as the months pass.

'A delightful set of tunes deeply rooted in Scottish history and traditions.' - folking.com
'Really impressive... entrancing new tunes, superbly written in the traditional style.' - FolkWales
'First quarter excellent, can’t wait for the others.' - Marc Higgins, Fatea
Breathtaking melodies - absolutely fabulous'; - FolkWales
Original compositions that dance through spring and early summer with a perfectly judged lightness of touch. It’s wonderfully expressive and uplifting music’ - RnR re Whitsun
More minimalism than folk, and you can lose yourself in every shimmering note. Simply delightful’ - Fatea re Lammas

The EPs are all available now from Gavin's bandcamp page: https://gavinmarwick.bandcamp.com/

Nov '23 - Gavin Marwick’s Quarterdays project is nominated for Original Work of the Year in the MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards 2023. 

*** Collector’s Edition: A slip case has been made to hold a box set of all four EPs. As well as the discs in their original cardboard wallets it includes a 32 page booklet of sleeve notes. If you’ve already got 1 or more of the discs we can mix and match and send you what you need to complete the package. It's the perfect way to present the discs and keep them all together.
‘I’m thinking once all four EPs are available it would make a very nice Christmas present’ - FolkLondon

*** The Quarterdays Tunebook *** is currently in process and will be launched at the Celtic Connections concert (see below). It will have all the tunes from all the EPs, and chords, and other notes and useful and interesting stuff.

The series finale gig at Celtic Connections on Candlemas 2024 (02/02/24):
Given that this is Candlemas day itself then it marks one complete year since the whole project was launched.
The concert will feature Gavin Marwick (fiddle), Aaron Jones (cittern), Wendy Stewart (harp), Ruth Morris (nyckelharpa), Phil Alexander (accordion/ piano) and special guests Fraser Fifield (sax, whistles, cajon) and Stuart Macpherson (double bass).There will be a selection of duo moments from each of the EPs as well as bigger sections involving everyone. as well as Quarterdays music there will also be music from some of Gavin’s previous incarnations including Journeyman, Iron Horse and Bellevue Rendezvous. You’ll get a year's worth of new music in 90 minutes!

Tickets are available here: https://www.celticconnections.com/event/1/gavin-marwick-quarterdays-and-gatehouse