Ceilidh Minogue (2006)

Ceilidh Minogue


01. Miss Campbell Set (Gibson's/ The Bank of Ireland/ The Earl's Chair/ The Peacock)
02. Oban (Donald Maclean's Farewell to Oban/ The Sprig of Ivy/ John MacDonald of Glencoe)
03. Greenhill
04. New Moon (Moonshine/ New Moon)
05. Petronella (Petronella/ Goodnight And Joy/ Eight Men of Moidart/ Bonnie Banchory/ Kirk's Hornpipe)
06. Sarah
07. Blackford (The Blackford Two-Step/ Tobermory Two-Step)
08. La Brass-thing (La Bastringue/ Mouth of the Tobique/ Mitten's Breakdown/ Seven Fit Tree)
09. Red Red Rose (My Love is like a Red Red Rose/ Banks and Braes o' Bonnie Doune)
10. Para Handy in New York (Maggie Broon's/ Lady In a Bottle/ Charlie Hunter/ Farewell to Erin)
11. Wee Ben’s Train Set (Glendevon/ Ben's First Birthday/ Back in Forth)
12. Waltzing Matilda (Waltzing Matilda/ Farewell to Whisky)

'With a name like Ceilidh Minogue, how can you not give them a listen? This collection of fine Scottish musicians has been together for more than eight years, playing to delighted audiences not just in the United Kingdom but also in Dubai, Tunisia and Lithuania.

The opening set, "Miss Campbell's," has an international feel from the first few bars and later settles into the more traditional sound we associate with Scotland. This true Scottish ambiance is further evident on the wonderful "Oban" set, as it transports you to the mist-covered mountains and the scent of heather.

The beautiful "Greenhill," composed by band member Gavin Marwick, is soothing as a glass of fine malt on a cold winter evening as the fire glows. The band brings in sax and trumpet on the exuberant track "La Brass-thing" to great foot-shuffling effect. Then it is slow-down time and a gentle return to tradition for "Red Red Rose," with the beautiful fiddle playing of Marwick and Bob Turner's piano leading us into a wonderful arrangement of a familiar favourite.

This album of 12 tracks ends with "Waltzing Matilda" paired with "Farewell to Whisky" in a fitting close to a gorgeous CD.' - Nicky Rossiter, Rambles