Demons and Lovers (1996)

The Iron Horse

01. The Steampacket (The Steampacket/ The False Alarm/ The Siren)
02. Auchindoon (Auchindoon/ Reel Ecosse)
03. Park No.1 (The Lee Rug/ Sylvia/ Park No.1)
04. The Luthier (Davidson The Luthier/ Feis Rois/ The Luthier Jig/ The Half Gill)
05. The Traveller
06. Anathea
07. Glazgo (Tommy's No.2/ Upstairs At O'Neill's/ Mad Scatter)
08. Faith Healer (Ferris At The Wheel/ Faith Healer)
09. The Elfin Knight (The Elphin Knight/ The Enchantment)
10. The Demon Lover (The Demon Lover/ Eastland Breeze)
11. Caleo
12. The Sleeping Warrior