Firelight Trio (2023)

Firelight Trio

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01. Chasen Senem/ Filthy Lucre/ The Latvians March
02. En Charrette/ The Last Minute
03. Prinsens Polska
04. The Scottish Set - Miss Hog of Newliston/ Pass Round the Flagon/ Clach na Cùdainn/ Mrs Morthland
05. The Radical Road/ Roeselare
06. Balkan Polska
07. The Berlin Jig
08. Motl Reyder's Klezmer Set
09. Schicki Micki/ Acrobats Bridge
10. The Wages of Gin/ Java St Andrews
11. Rooftop Chorale


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‘If there can be such thing as a folk supergroup, this collective would get my vote. Consisting of Gavin Marwick (fiddle, Ruth Morris (nyckelharpa) and Phil Alexander (accordion, piano), together they are a tight musical unit covering Scottish, Balkan, Polish and Jewish (klezmer) material, traditional and self-penned. The tunes cover a multitude of bases, from jigs and Swedish polskas to tangos, French waltz and reels.
The interplay between fiddle and nyckelharpa is a delight to hear and, when combined with the accordion of Phil Alexander, gives a fullness of accompaniment that is indicative of musicians that are earnest in their delivery and, more than owt else, having a whale of a time.
Perhaps the most touching track is the final, moody flourish of ‘Rooftop Chorale’, which leaves this listener uplifted and eager to press Replay. The combination of jazz phrasings with classical vibes is simply splendid. It’s great to hear a fully instrumental album that is a summation of how three musical giants can complement one another so that the output is seamless and satisfactory. Nice one.’ - Grem Devlin, RnR