Northern Lights

Various artists including The Iron Horse

01. Drop The Box– A Glass Of Beer
02. Old Blind Dogs– The Barnyards Of Delgaty
03. Tony McManus– The Duck/ The Seagull
04. Tannas– Si Morag
05. Canterach– Kenny Gillies Of Portnalong, Skye/ Bobby MacLeod's/ The General Gathering 1745/ The Curlew 4:23
06. Anna Mhoireach– Moch's Mi 'g Eirigh Air Bheagan Eislean
07. The Iron Horse– The Cape Breton Fiddlers' Welcome To The Shetland Isles/ Morag's No.2/ The Lintie/ Bill Powrie
08. Tony McManus– Andy Renwick's Ferret/ The Famous Bridge
09. Drop The Box– Not Coming Your Way
10. The Lorelei– Dashing White Sergeant
11. Tannas– Bodachan Cha Phos Mi
12. Canterach– Blackthorn Stick/ Calliope House/ Archie Beag/ Boys Of Ballymote
13. Old Blind Dogs– Bennachie
14. The Iron Horse– When She Cam' Ben She Bobbit/ The Anvil/ Duncan Johnstone