Piping The Fish (2008)


1. The 11/16th Hour/ Piping the Fish/ Hogtie's Reel
2. Take Me to Venlo/ Am Mathan Crùbach
3. War Hent Kerrigouarc'h/ The Bear Dance
4. The Bonniest Lass
5. The Embezzler/ Albaterua/ Fionn the Hunter/ The Braes of Melnish
6. Òran Na Maighdeann-Mhàra
7. The Queen of Argyll
8. Finnish Tune/ L'ogre Aux Quatres Bras/ Fear Nam Meur Sleamhna
9. MacKinnon's Brook/ Mrs. Stewart of Grantully/ Kissin' Is Best of a'/ Dr. Ross's 50th Welcome to the Argyllshire Gathering