Salamander (2010)

Bellevue Rendezvous

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01. Gabriel's Step/ Byss-Calle No.32/ Hasse A's
02. Hanter Dro/ Tuolpagorni
03. Salbohedsvalsen/ Monster Of Polska
04. Firedance Parts I & II/ Trip To Uppsala
05. Makedonsko Devojche
06. Hårgalåten/ The Nyckelharpa/ The Fourth Health
07. Der Triske Rebn's Chosidi/ Freilach From Warsaw
08. The Man In The Brown Hat/ La Sensonette
09. Trip To St Kilda/ Joel Turk's/ Salamander
10. Herding Song


‘”Tangents", the Scottish band's first CD, captivated me with a noticeable love for the sound and subtle, skilful, harmonious arrangements.
Virtuosity, groove and audible passion determine the sound of this production and, presented as a fine audiophile CD production, it gives you goosebumps and a deeply moving sound experience.
Cameron Robson's driving groove on the cittern supports Gavin Marwick's virtuosic, nuanced fiddle playing, Ruth Morris' magically played nyckelharpa rounds off the string sound at the bottom. Wonderful, precisely played polyphonic lines provide air and development opportunities for the individual instruments and thus do ideal justice to the trio format.
Of the musical regions "traveled to", Scandinavia and France are at the top, but there are also trips to the Scottish homeland, to the Shetland Islands, and even a Klezmer tune has found its way into the program. This diversity could be almost irritating if one attempted to simply "imitate" the styles of these individual countries. The band avoids this very cleverly and so the Swedish Polska and the Breton Hanter-Dro sound authentic and exactly like Bellevue Rendevouz at the same time.
For fans of Bal-Folk, Scandinavian and Northern European music or simply the most beautiful folk instrumental music, there is a very, very big recommendation! Or, as my kids say: Salamander rocks!’ - Johannes Schiefner, Folker


Bellevue Rendezvous, who demonstrate that they are specialists in all styles with their second album Salamander. Original tunes written for theatre productions sit side by side traditional European dance tunes and played seamlessly with a lightness of touch, a skip in their step and a depth of emotion where necessary from this Scottish acoustic trio. 
Bellevue Rendezvous, recent participants at this year's Celtic Connections, comprise, Gavin Marwick on fiddle, Camerson Robson on cittern, guitar and jaw harp and Ruth Morris who plays the most complicated and awe inspiring stringed instrument, the nyckleharpa. Its not only their incredible musicianship but the way the instruments interplay to create atmosphere, the bowing of the cittern, the dark grainy effect of the nyckleharpa, the mysteries of the jaw harp. They also create interesting combinations and contrasts, placing darker tunes together with a livlier jig, formality with wild abandon, switching leads, new tunes, old tunes, dark and light together, it makes a fascinating listening experience.
Amongst the airs, klezmer numbers, the frailachs, reels, Breton trance and Swedish dance numbers, there sits a tune written for a Traverse Theatre production, Alexander Salamander, A Tale of a Teenage Pyromaniac, billed as gleefully dark and fiery, it lends the album its name and sums up its character beautifully.
Salamander is released on 25th January on their own label Journeyman, with assistance from the Scottish Arts Council.’ - Jill Turner, Gondwana Sound