The Blue Lamp

Jonny Hardie and Gavin Marwick


01. The Quiet Man/ The Solstice/ The Silver Spire
02. Podology Hora/ The Good Drying
03. The Blue Lamp Suite, Parts 1-4: Sandy Broon's/ The Gallery/ Last Orders/ The Blue Lamp
04. Marni Swanson of the Grey Coast
05. The Factory Smoke/ Fishers Rant/ The Search
06. Goa Way/ Suite des Ridees de Pontivy
07. The Siege of Delhi]
08. The Kings Favorite/ McGuire's Jig
09. Roderick Dhu
10. Princess Beatrice/ President Garfield/ The Saratoga Hornpipe/ The High Level
11. The Snuff Wife/ Snug in a Blanket/ The Duck 

Jonny Hardie & Gavin Marwick "The Blue Lamp" CDLDL 1287
‘Two top musicians of the Scottish scene teamed up for this album. Jonny Hardie plays fiddle, guitar, bouzouki and mandolin; he is best known as member of the 'Old Blind Dogs', an excellent Scottish band. Gavin Marwick is fiddler in the Scottish folk rock band 'Iron Horse'.
To create a fuller sound, they invited four guest musicians of the younger Scottish scene: Leo McCann (button accordion, of Corner House), Eamon Coyne (banjo, of Russels House), Andy Thorburn (piano, keyboards) and Aaron Jones (bouzouki, of Craobh Rua, ex Seelyhoo). All these musicians plus some more teamed up regularly in various combinations as 'Johnny Scoofer' at the 1999 Glasgow Celtic Connections Festival Club (starting around midnight and going through to the early hours). This was also the time when this album was recorded (January that is!).
The musicians are in excellent shape, the tunes are very catchy, and many are real earwigs. A fine album for any friend of traditional music from Scotland.’ -  Christian Moll