Thro' Water, Earth & Stone (1993)

The Iron Horse

01. The Peacock's Feather / The Bell Reel/ Tam's Grey Mare
02. For A' That
03. The Goatherd/ The Major's Maggot/ James MacLellan's Favourite/ Duncan The Gauger/ The Piper's Bonnet
04. Till Jamie Comes Hame
05. The Poachers/ Assynt Reclaimed
06. The Cabbage Town Reel/ The Jellyfish/ The Blantyre Reel
07. Portuguese Train
08. The Earl Of Moray / The Gift/ The Conclusion
09. J.F. Dickie's Delight/ Weights And Measures/ Andy White's Reel/ Molly Rankin's/ The Repeal Of The Union
10. The Hen's March/ The Iron Horse Jig/ The Tipsy Sailo/ The Judge's Dilemma
11. Mother Martyr