Up In The Air (1994)

Up In The Air

01. The Rejected Lover
02. Wille's Auld Trews/ Keep It Up/ Dogs Bite Chapmen
03. Rob Roy MacGregor/ Prince Charles/ Charles Sutherland
04. The McNeils Of Ugadale/ Jig Brest St. Marc/ Lads Of Tain/ Mrs MacInroy Of Lude
05. Andy M. Stewart's/ Lady Mary Stopford/ The Blackhaired Lad/ Kissing Is The Best Of A'
06. A Breton March/ An Irish Reel/ Hatton Burn
07. The Hills Of Glenorchy
08. Neil Gow's Wife/ Captain Keeler/ Will You Marry Me
09. Mrs. Forbes Leith/ Hamish's Reel/ The Periwig/ Carnie's Canter
10. A Breton Jig/ Isobel Blackley/ Dougie's Decision
11. The Dancing Bear/ Ril Bheara
12. Jenny Dang The Weaver/ J.F. Dickie/ Athol Brose
13. Indo Para Isorga (A Galician Waltz)/ Gur Mis Tha Gu Craiteadh O'n Uiridh
14. John Stephen Of Chance Inn